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>> 1080p Streaming - Tranquility Films Volume 2 - Double Feature: "Caribbean Dream" and "Wings 'n Other Wild Things" Blu-Ray

1080p Streaming Tranquility Films Volume 2 - Double Feature: "Caribbean Dream" and "Wings 'n Other Wild Things" Blu-Ray

Our trademark Tranquility video series delivers remarkable ecoscape footage set to soothing background acoustics.

NTS Images, in association with Tim Blanton Productions, has selected the most distinctive images honoring the unparalleled beauty and wonder of the natural world. Transport your awareness through ancient gateways; enchanted places that beckon you to surrender to deep relaxation. As you experience the unfolding of breathtaking naturescapes while being soothes by calming music, you can feel your mind clearing and your body becoming quiet and still. Purge stress and anxiety as you welcome peace and tranquility.

CARIBBEAN DREAM invites you to languish in the solitude of a sunken ship where spectacular angelfish are ambassadors to abundant and vibrant life. Dolphins and rays hint at the ethereal, while shimmering schools of fish hypnotize the mind. A charming round of peek-a-boo with reclusive eels leaves you light-hearted, only to be fully enchanted by the dainty jawfish and drum. Fluttering squid invoke daydreams of unknown life forms in far away places, while the sea turtle's feather-light touch through vivid coral gardens beckons you to glide alongside this magnificent creature.

WINGS 'N OTHER WILD THINGS invites you to travel along gently flowing rivers through lush vegetation, accompanied by a spectacular diversity of bird life. Imagine the whisper of butterfly wings as they bask on vibrantly colored flora, while the mystical dragonfly allows a brief glimpse of rare beauty. This ecoscape journey alleviates the weight of the daily grind, leaving the viewer feeling free, fresh and light-hearted.

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  • Sales Rank: #461080 in DVD
  • Published on: 2010
  • Formats: Color, Widescreen, NTSC
  • Running time: 66 minutes


  • Relaxing
  • Uplifting
  • Revitalizing
  • Tranquil
  • Tranquility

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